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In this informative podcast, Dr. Martin Scharf, Ph.D., FABSM will discuss sleep research, sleep disorders, and drugs utilized for treatment of illnesses, with a particular interest in fibromyalgia.

Dr. Scharf is the research and development consultant at Cleveland Sleep Research Center. He holds a Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University in Hershey. The sleep expert has had a notable career and has spearheaded much of the relevant research regarding the treatment of disorders of sleep and wakefulness. Dr. Scharf provides a detailed overview of fibromyalgia, perhaps one of the most misunderstood medical conditions of all. As Dr. Scharf presents, fibromyalgia syndrome can lead to a long list of possible symptoms, especially chronic musculoskeletal pain. Dr. Scharf discusses the connective link between fibromyalgia and binding of gamma. Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) is a chemical found in the body that can be synthetically manufactured as well. GHB is commonly used for weight loss, depression, and many of the difficult to treat fibromyalgia symptoms (pain and fatigue, sleep problems, etc.). Dr. Scharf also discusses the controversy around GHB that made its wide release to the medical community so difficult and delayed.

Dr. Scharf recounts the many and various clinical trials that helped with the advancing developments and provided new information for treatment solutions. As a lifelong student of science, Dr. Scharf continues to be emotionally connected to the incredible stories of patients whose GHB treatment has profoundly changed their lives for the better. The compound was so successful as a treatment for some that during an official proceeding regarding the use of GHB, many patients who testified recounted how painful their lives were before GHB and how the compound has helped them to retake their lives.

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