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Perhaps there is nothing more important than nutrition as it is what keeps our bodies going strong. John O’Connor is passionate about food and he is the founder of Gene Food ( In this podcast, he will discuss nutrition and genetics.

John O’Connor’s company, Gene Food, has designed a custom algorithm that can analyze someone’s genetic data and assign them to a specific foundational diet category (of about 20 in total). O’Connor talks about diets and nutrition and gets into some specifics on various diets from paleo to vegan, etc. As there is a code that is unique to every one of us, it can inform us about the kind of diet that will work best for our individual bodies. And results can be seen as someone tailors their diet and lifestyle to match their overall genetic makeup.

The nutrition expert delves into genetic variants and he talks about how diet plays an important role for everyone, especially those who suffer from medical conditions or are predisposed genetically to future medical issues. O’Connor discusses various issues that relate to nutrition and diet such as inflammatory responses, how certain diets affect those who have a greater risk for certain kinds of diseases, SNPs which are single nucleotide polymorphisms, fats that people take into their diet, and so much more.

Lastly, O’Connor outlines how physical environments can have a dramatic impact on how people react to food, regarding histamine intolerance and other issues. O’Connor and his team are hopeful that the future will bring better health through getting specific with our diets and letting genetics lead the way.

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