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In this interesting podcast, Ilan Morad, PhD, founder and CEO of Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd. (, talks about drug discovery, and the cellular process.

As a lifelong biology enthusiast and researcher, Morad has been working in molecular biology and biochemistry for multiple decades. His research has spanned many scientific areas including gene cloning, protein engineering, purification and characterization, and more. Morad discusses his company, Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd. (AEBI) which is an advanced development-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on development of therapeutic peptides, and AEBI’s unique combinatorial biology screening platform. Morad provides an overview of how their innovative platform works. As he explains, the platform delivers functional leads to complex, difficult targets, not simply those which best bind with the target. AEBI’s groundbreaking technology, SoAP, allows researchers to develop drugs for all kinds of medical illnesses, including cancer as well as so many others.

Morad delves into the science of it all, explaining that peptides are microproteins. He talks about building blocks and expounds upon synthetic peptides that are isolated for research and development. He discusses peptides within the body, drug resistance, cancer treatment, and the many side effects of drugs. He provides a wealth of knowledge about the new drug cocktails that are being utilized to suppress or defeat many diseases.

The scientific research expert talks about toxic peptides and explains how they can be utilized to poison diseased cells and kill them. And he gives his account of how immune systems work and how they can recognize molecules. Finally, Morad talks about the future for his company, clinical trials they expect to take part in, and what it all means for drug development and treatment.

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