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Dr. Daryl Gioffre, celebrity nutritionist, author, alkaline and ketogenic diet expert, gives a detailed presentation on the power of good nutrition and how everyone can make improvements for increased energy, better health, and longevity.

Dr. Gioffre has a lot of interests. He is a sought-after speaker and educator, a certified raw food chef, live blood microscopist, and reiki master. And as a former self-described sugar addict, he has found a way to lead a healthy life and has a passion for sharing his knowledge with everyone. Dr. Gioffre is particularly interested in the root causes of inflammation and chronic illnesses. His method involves moderation, using cutting-edge nutrition practices to achieve and maintain the best health possible. Dr. Gioffre is the founder of the Gioffre Chiropractic Wellness Center, as well as the popular brand and website, Alkamind. His celebrated book, Get Off Your Acid – 7 Steps in 7 Days to Lose Weight, Fight Inflammation, and Reclaim Your Health & Energy has been attracting a lot of attention and intensifying the dialogue about good health and nutrition.

Dr. Gioffre discusses his path to good health, including his past issues with weight and nutrition, especially sugar. He states that as he followed the evidence, to understand his addiction to sugar, that that evidence led him to acid—acid was inflammatory to his body. He describes how he integrated nutritional elements into his diet, such as green juices, and reclaimed his energy, life, and lost weight dramatically, not to mention eliminating his sugar addiction in the process.

The nutrition expert discusses specific green juices, which are comprised mostly of vegetables and are highly alkalizing. He states that all green juices are certainly not created equal, so it is important to understand what makes a green juice healthy. In order for green juices to be alkaline they must be high in minerals, high in fiber, and low in sugar. He talks about the benefits of highly concentrated powders comprised of organic greens, which is an easy way to get a large amount of the right kinds of organic greens into your body without a lot of effort. Dr. Gioffre explains how taste buds can shift about every two weeks, so what you are putting into your body will affect how you respond to new foods and beverages. Thus once you make the switch to healthier options, your body’s taste buds will come on board and begin craving the good stuff. Dr. Gioffre states, shockingly, that research has shown sugar is literally eight times more powerful than cocaine. Therefore it is a powerful addiction to overcome, but once you start to put the good foods into your body in a larger volume than the bad foods, your body will help you make the shift, as cravings will adjust to the new good nutrition.

Dr. Gioffre underscores the importance of balance. He states that the first step toward better health is a changing of one’s diet, but it is equally important to reduce stress as stress can create acid, and finally… it is important to find a way to make the new changes sustainable. He talks about Alkamind, and the many products they provide for people who want to take charge of their health, and improve their well being. He details how anyone can implement a new nutritional program, and utilize healthy minerals to neutralize acid. He states that the more healthy minerals we can put into our bodies, such as kale and avocados, etc., the better chance we have to neutralize the acid in our body.

Dr. Gioffre talks about his daily and nightly regimens, and how he personally supplements for improvement of health. He discusses the importance of oxygen, and improvement of our breathing. He details the 3-6-5 power breath method, which is essentially breathing in through the nose for 3 seconds, holding it for 6 seconds, and then exhaling out the mouth for 5 seconds. He stresses the importance of doing this every morning to oxygenate, alkalize, and energize our blood. Dr. Gioffre states that hydration is equally important, and that “the solution to pollution is dilution.” Drinking more water is something most everyone needs to do daily. Additionally he describes other important healthy additions to our lives such as particular types of exercise, and he reiterates the critical importance of eating the right foods and letting green goodness, healthy minerals, begin to repair the body.

The successful nutrition advocate talks about his program for good health and some of the people who come to him for specialized input. He discusses the importance of making the transition to good health with an advocate on your side as it is sometimes difficult when the body starts to detoxify—help is a good thing. A support network or person can help people maintain their program and have a better chance of success.

He discusses the pros and cons of the keto diet, and notes how keto is an acid-forming diet, and is not sustainable. Thus Dr. Gioffre’s program pulls from the keto diet, only its best elements— the healthy fat component. Avocados, raw nuts, and seeds, healthy oils, etc., are all excellent healthy fat elements that anyone can introduce into their daily diet to help achieve optimum health. Good fats are essential, but too much animal protein turns to sugar, and can be acid forming. By combining vegetarian elements and keto, Dr. Gioffre’s program can boost energy, create better health, and help prevent disease. And he triple underscores one critical point, that it is never too late to begin, and that everyone, literally everyone, can find ways to improve their health by making simple changes and working toward their goal.

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