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In this informative and important podcast, Matty Lansdown, scientist and nutrition consultant, outlines some of the ways we can all take better care of our health.

After getting started on Facebook Live where he produced intense rants about food, medicine, and nutrition, Lansdown’s online popularity ballooned quickly and soon thereafter he moved into conferences, seminars, and even retreats, launching his powerful message on health to thousands at each event. Lansdown’s podcast, “How To NOT Get Sick And Die” is a must-experience podcast event for everyone who is interested in good health—which should be all of us.

Lansdown talks in detail about his background in science and the arts and how he got interested in podcasting, and why. He discusses important topics, such as how to prevent being sick, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and more. Lansdown explains that it was his desire to truly connect with audiences that naturally brought him into podcasting, and health podcasting was just an extension of his background and interests. Helping people live longer and be healthier, to lead fuller lives, this was, and is, his goal, and food as medicine research is his passion.

Lansdown works in a cancer research hospital, and therefore he sees firsthand what happens through the entire disease process. With so much firsthand knowledge of disease, he developed his own epiphanies about the nature of disease and methods that help to fight it. Lansdown talks about how a lot of the major work in health research is expensive and the big pharma groups, etc. that are doing it are motivated by profits alone sometimes, therefore preventive measures such as nutrition, which aren’t monetizable, are of little interest to big groups that engage in hundreds of millions of dollars of medical research annually.

Lansdown discusses eastern ‘alternative’ medicines and practices that are sometimes dismissed, but have been utilized for thousands of years in many societies globally, and certainly much longer than western medicines. And Lansdown discusses their overarching goal to help people control their own health, to assist them as they take the necessary
action to make major health improvements.

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