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In this podcast, Chris Ellis, Co-founder and CEO of AudioCardio, discusses the innovative technology, and hearing test app, that his company has developed that can help people improve their hearing.

AudioCardio is a new kind of mobile app that utilizes technology to generate personalized audio therapy that can actually strengthen cells. The technology is remarkable; it analyzes hearing and delivers crucial hearing therapy for an individual’s ears, which provides for protection and maintenance of hearing, as well as improvement in most cases.

Ellis talks about the kinds of hearing loss people suffer from. But it is the sensory and neural hearing loss problems that his company specifically targets—problems with hearing that are due to age, certain medications, loud noises over a prolonged period, diseases, and more. Our hearing is activated via the processing of sound waves that travel through the air. Select frequencies are sent as nerve signals, and the brain recognizes them as sounds. Ellis’ Threshold Sound Conditioning can detect the critical frequencies that have lost sensitivity and exercise them with specific sound signals.

The hearing guru discusses the many individuals with hearing loss who have experienced improvement via the use of Ellis’ groundbreaking technology. The entrepreneur outlines hearing loss treatment and dementia treatment, and he talks about the types of people who have benefitted from AudioCardio solutions. Most hearing loss is gradual, Ellis states, and thus we constantly recreate a type of ‘new normal’ as we compensate for gradual losses. For this reason, dramatic hearing loss can creep up on us over time.

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