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In this podcast, Rana Gujral, the enthusiastic CEO of Behavioral Signals, provides his insight on the technology that is enhancing our communication experiences.

Gujral is an experienced business entrepreneur, skilled in many areas of technology and the practical business uses of tech including enterprise software and technologies for emerging markets. Gujral has had many successful ventures and has been a critical member of the leadership at multiple companies such as TiZE Inc., a popular SaaS platform; Cricut Inc.; Logitech S.A.; Kronos Inc., and others.

Gujral talks about AI and the emotional context of speech. As he states, the emotional element is a crucial piece of any voice interaction. Communicating intent is paramount in every transaction. Context and emotion are just as important as what is actually being said, and Gujral is pushing his company to improve and expand these subtle but informative areas of communication. Gujral talks about studies that have proven we absorb more emotional context from hearing a person speak than we do from observing their facial expressions.

Gujral provides real examples of how the technology can enhance an agent/client call in many ways such as providing feedback in real time about how the caller or the agent’s voice sounds angry or whether the agent needs to talk faster, or slower, etc. AI can provide input on the spot, that can help agents to better respond to the client, and connect with them in a more efficient, helpful, and ultimately successful manner.

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