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From shampoo to carpeting to baby bottles, chemicals are prevalent in our everyday items. Author Rick Smith discusses accompanying concerns such as:

  • The depth of this issue, calling it the second great pollution problem facing humanity.
  • Why the health effects of pollution from such chemicals are prevalent and should be taken seriously.
  • Alternatives for many everyday products that are available.

Co-author of Slow Death by Rubber Duck: The Secret Danger of Everyday Things and director of Canada’s Broadbent Institute, environmentalist Rick Smith describes the research he and co-author Bruce Lourie underwent to see common results of living in close quarters with chemicals. The prevalence of chemicals such as BPA in eating containers raised alarms and he wondered about the health effects of pollution on our bodies from such chemicals.

He tells how he and his co-author experimented on themselves over 10 years with their own blood and urine samples. They would establish a baseline first, and then, for example, cook with plastic and retest themselves to see if there was an increase in chemical levels. In most cases, the answer was yes.

Mr. Smith details various other household products to be aware of, from shampoo to cosmetics to paint. He explains the danger and prevalence of phthalates and discusses how it can work as a hormonal disruptor in our body. Finally, he offers good news about the results of consumer pressure and tells the listener about safe alternatives for many of these products.

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