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Former IBM Chief Scientist, Dr. Alex Liu, discusses the services provided by RMDS Lab, a community-based ecosystem provider in the artificial intelligence (AI) and big data sector. You will learn:

  • Why AI and data-related projects rarely succeed when handled only by a few data scientists and/or one method or approach
  • How the RMDS platform works and what benefits it provides to data scientists and businesses alike
  • Common misconceptions regarding data sets, data analysis, and the usefulness of data, and how RMDS Lab can help

For the past 10 years or so, RMDS Lab has been building a data science and AI community using an ecosystem approach, guided by the belief that little can be accomplished in the field of big data and AI without utilizing multiple approaches, multiple methods, considering many algorithms, and combining the minds of more than just a handful of data scientists. Ultimately, the goal is to make data science-driven projects more adaptable and accessible and thereby increase the benefit they can serve to individuals, communities, organizations, and companies.

RMDS Lab invites clients and partners to enter the RMDS platform where they can build profiles and explore projects in the field while counting on an RMDS AI algorithm that will select the right data sets, algorithms, coworkers, and data scientists for a particular project-related goal. In essence, the platform intelligently scans all available tools and resources and selects the ones best suited to a particular problem in the AI and data science field.

According to Dr. Liu, this ecosystem-based approach is absolutely necessary when dealing with so many possible approaches, and such massive amounts of data—much of which is dirty or fake. In light of this reality, the RMDS platform also provides tools for cleaning and organizing data.

Tune in for the full conversation and check out to learn more or sign on to the platform.

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