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In this thoroughly interesting and informative podcast, I. Glenn Cohen, James A. Attwood and Leslie Williams Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, provides an overview of the current ethics issues and laws that govern emerging technologies and industry.

Professor Cohen is interested in bioethics and its connection to law/health law. Professor Cohen discusses his training in law and medical ethics, and he lists a few of the many areas that his work delves into, such as healthcare and artificial intelligence, organ transplantation, gene editing, food and drug law, and more.

The Harvard professor details his involvement in the many interesting legal and ethical issues that pertain to artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as various neural net applications that relate to the organization of medical data and predictive applications/uses.

Cohen discusses privacy issues and data. He talks about electronic health records, and physician fatigue as it relates to the inputting of data, which is an important issue as the input of accurate and thorough data is crucial for patient care. Cohen talks briefly about cloning, reproduction, and other issues that pertain to genes and technology. Cohen provides an overview of the current regulations that govern gene editing. He states that we will probably see further ongoing debate about what is considered acceptable and what is not, in regard to the practice of gene editing.

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