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In this podcast, Hannah Crum, known affectionately as “The Kombucha Mamma,” discusses her love for kombucha and the many health benefits it offers.

Crum caught the kombucha bug early on, when visiting a friend out of town. Her friend was brewing a batch of kombucha and she was intrigued. The experience stuck with her and she returned home with a desire to learn more. After much research on her own she began to brew her first batch, which led to another, and eventually her passion for this healthy elixir
flowed outwardly. She had to share her message with the world and thus she launched her business and website. She wanted to let everyone know about the tremendous health benefits that kombucha offers.

Crum discusses the old days when people often made their own foods and beverages. Crum explains that kombucha is basically a fermented tea at its core. She talks about the culture in kombucha, as well as the culture of kombucha now that it has become a product that many people are buzzing about.

Crum talks about what it takes to get going with your first home brew venture. And luckily most folks already have a lot of what they will need in their kitchen cabinets, such as tea, sugar, jars, etc. You’ll also need a tightly woven cloth cover, and of course the scoby, which is a kind of syntrophic mixed culture of yeast and bacteria. Crum explains the various ways
that concentrate forms of kombucha found in grocery stores differ from the traditional home brewed kombucha. And as you might expect, home brew typically offers more healthy benefits, though Crum is quick to note that store-purchased kombucha does have many health benefits as well, so if that’s all you can get, it’s worth purchasing—for your health.

For more info on Crum and her amazing home brew techniques, please visit her online at: (

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