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In this podcast, Mark A. Cruz, D.D.S, provides an overview on dentistry, snoring causes and effect, snoring treatment, and the many airway issues we as humans contend with.

Dr. Cruz is an experienced dentist who focuses on his patients’ general health, in addition to the yearly dental problems we visit our dentists to repair or treat. Dr. Cruz earned his degree from the outstanding dental program at the UCLA School of Dentistry.

Dr. Cruz talks about nasal breathing, and he explains oral breathing, the exchanging of gas, and the processes a body may go through. He discusses nasal breathing in great detail and expounds upon the inflammatory response our bodies exhibit when nasal breathing is diminished. Continuing, the airway expert discusses the concept of teaching kids about breathing and proper nose blowing techniques, etc. Dr. Cruz states that while mucus does have a very serious and practical purpose in our bodies, we never want mucus to obstruct our nasal breathing such that we are forced to regularly breathe through the mouth.

Dr. Cruz discusses the results of current and past research on breathing. Breathing rates have increased over the past decades and this increase could be a major link to a troubling increase in many inflammatory diseases. Dr. Cruz goes on to discuss exercises, including an overview of facial exercises which may decrease sagging, and other outward effects of aging. Dr. Cruz provides a wealth of knowledge on snoring and breathing issues in general, and he explains that, fortunately, health practitioners are beginning to give more attention to airway issues across the board.

In this podcast:

  • The effects of snoring
  • Is it possible to improve our difficult airway issues?
  • Diminished nasal breathing: problems and treatments
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