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In this podcast, Audrey Gaskins, an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the prestigious Emory University, discusses the causes of abnormal sperm morphology, normal sperm motility, and semen quality in men.

Gaskins has devoted much of her intensive research time to studying the connections between dietary, environmental, and various lifestyle factors with regard to fertility and fecundity in both the sexes.

Gaskins is a prolific publisher, and has published on multiple topics, including the benefits of folic acid, exceeding levels far above the recommendations as it pertains to the possible prevention of anovulation and incident pregnancy loss, etc. Gaskins’ current NIH grant work is primarily research to study the significant interactions between air pollution, diet,
and fertility in women.

Gaskins discusses semen quality in men, and she explains that male semen quality is on the decline around the world. She explains the types of factors that may play a role in the decline of sperm count, and she gives special attention to lifestyle and environmental exposures, etcetera, in her detailed analysis. Gaskins provides a thorough overview of fertility in detail, discussing DNA fragmentation and genetics, and she provides information on how they select semen samples for their studies.

In this podcast:

The possible environmental factors impacting semen quality
Why semen quality is decreasing around the world
How age may play a role in semen quality

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