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Strokes, heart attacks, obesity, diabetes; these are just a few of the health problems that have run rampant in Nathaniel Jordan’s family. As a kid, it looked like he was headed in the same direction, dealing with high blood pressure at a young age and significant weight gain in his earlier adult life. On today’s episode, Jordan—now a keynote health and wellness speaker, nationally certified health coach and nutrition fitness specialist with the American Council on Exercise, and certified master trainer with the National Federation of Professional Trainers—explains how he pulled himself out of a state of sickness and put himself on a path of health and wellness to become well-regarded as the “minister of wellness.”

“The standard American diet has been designed to be addicting…it’s designed by high-level biochemists to hook the human brain….it’s nearly impossible to achieve a long life and excellent health in America,” says Jordan. He goes on to explain what he’s learned from a variety of nutritional gurus and personal experience with a plant-rich diet. He also explains what it’s like to work with a diverse range of people who seek health and wellness, but don’t know where to begin or how to sustain healthy living. He touches on a range of topics, from the ketogenic diet to the psychological component of breaking habits. Interested in learning more?

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