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In this podcast, Jake Steiner, founder of (, provides an interesting overview of his work and research, and the ways we can improve our myopia.

After reaching a frustrating -5.00 diopter myopia in his 20s, Steiner set out to change things, to find a way to improve his failing vision. With a past career that was largely in banking and stock trading, he used his analytical mind to dig deep into the research of vision biology. Steiner discovered that ‘pseudomyopia,’ which is a focusing muscle spasm of the eye, was not a medical condition at all, nor was it a defect.

Steiner explains how myopia (short-sightedness) can be reversed as it is a refractive state that can be corrected through a natural process. He discusses how the glasses we wear to correct myopia are actually making eyes worse in some cases. Steiner provides information on how minus lens move a focal point further back into the eye, which will then
compensate for the muscle spasm. He discusses reversing the stimulus, and how the eyeball isn’t actually getting longer, but it is simply adjusting.

Reversing the stimulus, shortening it, can decrease myopia. Steiner talks about wearing glasses, but wearing a pair that is not as strong as you might ordinarily prefer—essentially challenging the eye to make adjustment and see better over time. One important way to get started—stop using distance glasses when doing close up work. And as he explains, our
constant use of laptops and smartphones is certainly making eye problems grow in the general population.

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