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Michael J. Joyner, MD, noted expert on human physiology, takes us on an informative trip as he discusses many issues from human performance to blood flow.

Dr. Joyner is an experienced researcher in the area of performance and exercise physiology. Privately, and as a consultant for NASA and NIH, his grant-funded research has led to significant revelations in the understanding of muscle and skin blood flow, athletic performance, and blood pressure regulation.

Dr. Joyner discusses his focus on integrative physiology. Throughout his impressive career, Dr. Joyner has studied many areas pertaining to blood flow, overall circulation, and performance. In the podcast he details the restorative properties of systems, and discusses angiogenesis, the process that allows for new blood vessels to form from preexisting vessels.

Dr. Joyner provides a historical context regarding gene therapy as well as various drugs used to initiate or enable blood vessel growth. As he explains, however, the best method is simply exercise. He continues with his discussion hitting various topics such as drug re-purposing, which is when drugs are created for a specific purpose but are later discovered to be more ideal for another purpose medically.

He recounts some of the past studies regarding bed rest that led to the current view that mobilization is important for recovery, and as such most patients are encouraged to get moving as soon as possible after surgical procedures. He expounds upon the importance of exercise in general and talks about its specific value to those who are prediabetic or diabetic. He discusses various drugs on the market and his thoughts on the future of research.

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