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When a patient presents to the ER with a heart problem, most doctors will know what tests to run, what drugs to prescribe, and what treatment will be best for recuperating that patient and allowing them to go home and resume their normal lives. The same cannot be said for those who present to the ER with a spinal cord injury. In fact, there is no proper treatment for spinal cord injuries, and therefore a big need for new research and development in this field. When Jacob Koffler finished his PhD in biomedical engineering in 2010, this is exactly what he was looking for: a field where there was a big need for new ideas and techniques in the development of a successful treatment. He brings a tremendous amount of information to the conversation today, discussing his efforts at UC San Diego toward developing a treatment for spinal cord injuries. The technique he’s helping develop involves stem cells, 3D printing of tissue scaffolds, and gene expression studies of nerve regeneration.

Tune in for all the details.

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