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Magneceutical Health is a company built around an energy-based technology that enhances feelings of relaxation and alleviates many of the issues associated with chronic stress, including inflammation, poor sleep, pain, low energy, and digestive problems. But how does it work? The device provides whole-body immersion in a uniformed magnetic field created by two seven-foot-in-diameter coils that the patient sits between for 30-minute or one-hour sessions, after which some of the beneficial effects are immediately apparent.

President and CEO of Magneceutical Health, Allen Braswell, joins the podcast to discuss the science behind this new technology, which includes a discussion about the role of the vagus nerve in the human body, the metric of heart rate variability, and the ratio between the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system.

Tune in to hear the full conversation and check out for more info.

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