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In this informative podcast, Dr. Mark Burhenne, dentist, author, and speaker, discusses his new bestseller, The 8-Hour Sleep Paradox, as well as the importance of good sleep for our health.

Dr. Burhenne has over 30 years in dentistry. In this podcast he talks in depth about his own personal problem with sleep apnea, and its relation to all that he shares in his thoroughly interesting, best-selling book, The 8-Hour Sleep Paradox. Dr. Burhenne explains how sleep apnea and other sleep disorders can negatively impact our health. Sleep is important, but not just any sleep… good sleep. If you’re always feeling exhausted, and make excuses for your low energy, if you snore loudly or grind your teeth, a sleep problem could be the cause.

Dr. Burhenne discusses obvious dental warnings that could indicate a sleep problem exists. He explains sleep issues, obstructed breathing and other conditions that interfere with quality sleep. He shares his personal experiences with sleep as well as nutrition and talks about intermittent fasting, muscular changes, bite changes, TMJ and other issues affecting the body.


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