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Sara Bird, vice president of product technology at uBiome, delivers an insightful overview of the microbiome and how it affects our wellness. Bird’s company, uBiome, studies the many ways that the microbiome impacts health conditions.

Countless Americans suffer from gut issues such as IBD, ulcerative colitis, and more, others struggle with dietary intolerances—gluten and lactose issues of course are very common. Bird’s company, uBiome, is a forward-thinking biotech company that seeks to develop products that empower people to understand how the microbiome plays a role in their overall health. The company, uBiome, has compiled a large data set regarding the human microbiome. With more than 250,000 samples to date, their knowledge base continues to flourish. Bird discusses uBiome’s three principal kits known as: Explorer, SmartGut, and SmartJane.

Users are asked to provide a sample of their microbiome from their body, as well as fill out a thorough survey of information that covers sleep patterns, fitness, diet, stress level, and daily activity. The experts at uBiome can take the information and compare it with data to arrive at an assessment of microbiome changes over time—information that could be relevant to current and future health. As Bird explains, the microbiome is a vital player in so many health issues and conditions, and doctors are beginning to use microbiome data more extensively as part of their overall care and treatment for patients.

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