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In this podcast, Samantha Gladish, holistic wellness coach ( provides detailed, important information about holistic health and holistic wellness.

Gladish suffered through many medical maladies during her early years, from blood sugar level problems, to mood swings, poor digestion and gut health, migraines and day to day headaches, and incredibly painful PMS cramping and bloating. She knew there had to be a better solution so she began a path of discovery in hopes of healing her body. Today, Gladish is healing from her autoimmune Hashimoto’s, and sharing her healing solutions with others.

Gladish talks about her background and her early discovery of nutritious foods, exercise, and healthy ways of living. However, she still suffered from health problems. In her efforts to improve her health, she researched foods, medications, and everything under the sun until she found solutions that worked for her. One potential offender she learned more about through her research was birth control pills. Gladish states that birth control pills pose potential health issues and may present many side effects that are not often discussed with the public. Gladish talks about studies that have linked birth control pills to estrogen dominant cancers. She explains how synthetic hormones work, and how they can fundamentally change the way a woman’s body produces estrogen and progesterone. Gladish talks about select health conditions that could benefit from alternative solutions for healing, and how the medical community sometimes overlooks healthier treatment alternatives. And Gladish discusses vitamins and medications, and root cause medicine.

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