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In this podcast, Hugo Mercier, the CEO of Dreem, discusses his company’s new product that is literally helping people get better sleep and improve their lives.

Mercier provides an overview of their groundbreaking new sleep product, a headband and an app that measures how we sleep. Sleep disturbances through the night, insomnia, taking a long time to fall asleep… the list of potential sleep problems is a long one, and Mercier has developed a product, along with his team of science-oriented technologists, to tackle sleep problems and thereby improve sleep quality.

With Mercier’s Dreem headband, users can now collect their sleep data all through the night, and in the morning access it through their phones. The Dreem app provides access to valuable, insightful advice that will assist people with not only improving the quality of their sleep but will also help them to decrease the time it takes to fall asleep.

Mercier discusses their sleep studies, and he talks about how their Dreem data matches up against expensive sleep lab equipment-derived data, and the studies have shown that the quality of their data collection is quite amazing and very accurate. Mercier and his team at Dreem have been working with sleep doctors to debut a program that offers Dreem headband users the important advice, from a detailed perspective, to help them better grasp how they can correct nagging sleep problems—better sleep, better life.

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