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Behind every pharmaceutical development and scientific discovery, there’s a story to be told, and Thomas Hager has made it his life’s work to tell those stories. His path to becoming a well-known and successful author of narrative nonfiction works began in the lab, where he would work on various projects in medical microbiology and developed the knowledge base which would ultimately inform his writing.

He joins the podcast today to discuss how drugs have shaped the history of medicine and impacted American culture. He draws from topics in his latest book, Ten Drugs: How Plants, Powders, and Pills Have Shaped the History of Medicine, and touches on a range of subjects, including a collaboration in the 1920s between Henry Ford and Thomas Edison that few people know about, his take on monoclonal antibodies and statins, the problem of food production and an exploding global population, and some ideas that he has for future books. Press play to hear the full conversation, look for his latest book on Amazon, Kindle, or your local bookstore, and visit for more of his work.

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