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“Organisms at all levels—from individual cells within the tissues and organ systems, to the animal, to the society that it lives in, to the ecosystem, to the entire planet and the solar system—are all different frames of this single metabolic process,” says Michael Garfield, as he explains the conceptual transition that he believes characterizes the human experience today. It’s his view that the human worldview is becoming one in which we see ourselves embedded in our environment; we don’t just live on the planet, but within many different layers of the cosmos within which the planet exists. He believes that this will become even more evident to people as augmented reality becomes a part of daily experience.

Garfield also discusses how the explosion of technology has impacted and challenged us to reconsider the ways in which we experience and define our existence and the way in which our environments interact with us, rather than simply the other way around. Along with that train of thought and as commentary on the prospect of humans merging with AI, he adds, “To think about merging with the machine is to ignore all of the ways that we are already intimate with the technologies that we use…to carry a phone with ourselves at all times and to sleep with it next to us…these things are penetrating our electromagnetic field.”

Tune in for a compelling conversation that will encourage you to think about life and your reality in many shades of new light. To stay current on his latest work, visit and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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