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In this informative podcast, John Hands, author, scientist, talks about his new book and the origins of life itself.

John Hands’ new book, Cosmosapiens: Human Evolution from the Origin of the Universe, delivers interesting theories regarding cosmology and neuroscience. Hands discusses his thoughts on how humans evolved, with a special consideration of topics such as dark energy, cosmic inflation, neurogenetic determinism, and string theory. His book challenges many of the widely accepted scientific theories regarding the origin of life. For Hands, the passing of his beloved wife brought questions to his mind regarding why we exist and how did we come to exist. He discusses society’s take on existence, from the supernatural to the scientific. He remarks that specialization in science may have clouded our views, and obscured the big picture. Always curious, Hands dug deep in his research. Through his extensive research he came to understand that many accepted theories in science, the big bang theory for example, have been completely contradicted by evidence. Hands talks about the many holes in Darwinism and its theories, and he explains them in detail.

Hands provides an overview of the collaborative process that creates life and change in general. We are unique as a species, he states, and it is our reflected consciousness that makes us unique. We are the only species that not only knows, but also knows it knows, Hands remarks as he lays out some significant points on human consciousness. He wraps the podcast by discussing various ancient philosophies and other types of theories that attempt to explain the origin of life.

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