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Inerjys is a private equity fund that aims to invest in and commercialize innovative companies in the clean energy and environmental health sector.

Founder and managing partner, Stephan Ouaknine, explains the following:

  • What types of major and microtrends are emerging in clean energy and sustainability
  • Why it is essential for products to be commercialized in order to successfully have an impact on climate change
  • What kinds of exciting new technologies are being pursued and how they would slow climate change by encouraging the cooling of Earth

Too many companies create great technologies that never have an actual impact in the market or the sector they’re meant to improve. Why is this? Ouaknine explains that it’s because of the need to commercialize, which requires early adopters to take a big cash risk before a product has even proven itself in the market.

This has become a significant impediment to the success of technologies designed as climate change solutions. The team at Inerjys realizes this, which is why they not only fund companies that are developing promising technologies, but also ensure that those technologies become commercialized.

Ouaknine joins the podcast to discuss the details of a number of exciting new technologies being pursued, such as hydropower turbines under the surface of the ocean, agricultural technologies that can replace desert with greenery using 60% less water, carbon capture and conversion, and vertical farming.

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