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In this interesting podcast, Mariano Vázquez, Ph.D., the CTO of ELEM Biotech, talks about the potential for advancing medicine and medical treatments via virtual humans.

Vázquez has had an active role with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center working with all types of researchers in the fields of engineering, mathematics, and computer science. Vázquez discusses his exciting company, ELEM Biotech, and explains how their simulations of systems within a human body offer intensive study and testing opportunities for advanced medical devices and pharmaceuticals, etc. Their work focuses on creating human systems for the development of everything from pacemakers to valve replacements, anti-arrhythmic drugs, treatments for asthma and obstructive pulmonary diseases, and beyond.

Vázquez talks about all that they can learn by working with simulations, and how it helps the testing to go further than before. He elaborates on their desire to link systems, such as the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Vázquez explains how they can use their simulated systems to strategically test devices in regard to how they work with males and females. This could help improve devices that are made for both sexes combined, because there may be differences between female and male systems.

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