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As a traditional internal medicine physician, John Limansky began to notice that many of the most common and chronic diseases suffered by his patients were based around diet and lifestyle, and he soon acknowledged the importance of not just treating the symptoms of any particular illness, but understanding the underlying mechanism that contributes to so many of them.

Dementia, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes…the list goes on…but what do they all have in common? They’re driven at least in part by dysfunctional mitochondria, which is due to lifestyle factors, environmental toxins, and nutrition. With this understanding, Dr. Limansky began to realize the necessity of treating people one-on-one, which means starting with an extremely detailed questionnaire and assessment, gathering information on an individual’s genetic and metabolic profile, and then creating a tailored plan based on that patient’s current state of health and overall health goals. In order to share the knowledge and insights he’s gained over the years with people worldwide, he founded, a website that allows anyone to access resources for learning biohacking techniques and implementing the optimal diet for leading longer and more healthful lives.

Dr. Limansky touches on a range of insightful topics, including the problem with the standard treatment for prediabetes and diabetes, the effect of exercise and sleep patterns on insulin sensitivity, tools for achieving and maintaining health goals, and the surprising benefits of sitting in a sauna for just 20 minutes a day, four times a week. Hit play for the full conversation, visit, visit him on social media, or reach out with questions at

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