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Miriam Kalamian, EdM, MS, CNS, discusses her work as an educator and nutrition expert, and talks extensively about the connection between diet and disease.

Kalamian has devoted much of her life to the study of nutrition. She is board certified in nutrition (CNS), bestowed upon her by the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists. As a noted nutrition consultant and educator, she spends a great deal of her time focused on the importance of diet in an overall healthy lifestyle. And as a successful author and nutrition expert she is interested in the implementation of ketogenic therapies, and has written extensively on the topic. Kalamian holds a master of education (EdM) from Smith College and a master of human nutrition (MS) from Eastern Michigan University.

Kalamian discusses her background and what led to her current career focus. As she recounts, her world was rocked back in 2004 when her young son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Standard therapies did not stop the aggressive progression of his disease, and thus it was clear to Kalamian that she simply had to go in a different direction to fight for her son. After much reading and research, Kalamian discovered Dr. Thomas Seyfried’s extensive research that was based on the ketogenic diet as a means to fight cancer. She discusses in detail, the journey she went through with her son, and talks about the ways in which the body turns up its power to fight, when a stricter diet commands the body to work efficiently.

The nutrition expert delves into the inner-workings of the body and its abilities to handle and process foods. She talks about the effects of too much protein in a diet, and explains what happens internally. She explains how cancer cells work and how exercise and diet combine to provide benefits. Kalamian explains fatty acids and ketosis, and the removal of glucose from the bloodstream. As she states, low-impact exercise, such as a nice walk, helps to remove glucose from the bloodstream in a safe and effective way. She explains that nutrition, when controlled, can benefit the body’s health while simultaneously working against cancer.

The effects of a ketogenic diet can have a significant impact on some cancer patients in combination with their doctor’s other treatments and therapies. While keto may not be the sole solution, it certainly can enhance traditional medicine treatments.

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