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In this podcast, Steve Zarpas, President and CEO of PowerHouse Ketones provides an overview of ketones and the benefits of ketone supplementation.

Zarpas’ company, PowerHouse Ketones, is a beverage company that features 100% bioavailable ketones that mimic the ketones our livers produce. Zarpas discusses his initial interest in ketones and exogenous ketone supplementation. Ketones produce more energy per breath than carbohydrates, and supplementation is a wonderful way to not only improve overall health but push our bodies to become more efficient.

Zarpas explains how ketones work, and he discusses the differences between ketone esters and salts. Ketone acid, however, is the arena that Zarpas focuses in. Ketone acid, as he explains, is what the liver makes when our bodies convert fat into ketones. Zarpas continues his discussion of ketones by outlining some information about their upcoming

The ketone expert talks in-depth about the various effects that can be seen quickly, and the production of endogenous ketones. Zarpas discusses the many benefits for competitive athletes as well as less active people. As he speaks about his own family members’ personal benefits from ketone supplementation, he states that the obvious cognitive effects, as well
as the marked improvements in energy level and sharpness are exciting.

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