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In this important podcast, Dr. Jianyi “Jay” Zhang, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Biomedical Engineering at the prestigious School of Engineering—University of Alabama at Birmingham, provides a wealth of knowledge about heart-related issues and the medical science that is changing how we treat some heart issues.

Dr. Zhang is an expert in myocardial bioenergetics, and stem cells for use in cardiac repair procedures. Dr. Zhang discusses the complex and interesting topics of cardiac tissue engineering and heart failure. He provides a detailed overview of myocardial bioenergetics and how energy is produced in the mitochondria, then transported so it can provide the work and force needed to pump blood throughout the body.

Dr. Zhang explains energy metabolism and energy production, with a special consideration of how the mitochondria can use glucose, fatty acid, and literally anything available to accomplish its goals in regard to energy. Dr. Zhang talks about the work and research that is being done to improve existing therapy methods, which could hopefully prevent heart failure or delay it.

The research doctor talks about the heart’s structure and parts within. He delves into a discussion of gene therapy and discusses current research pertaining to the use of sophisticated patches that might one day be utilized regularly to stop debilitating heart failure.

Dr. Zhang holds an MD from Shanghai Medical University, a PhD in biomedical engineering from the University of Minnesota, a master of science in engineering and certificate of business administration from Tufts University and he completed his post-doc work at the University of Minnesota in their world-renowned Cardiovascular Division.

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