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UC Presidential Chair, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, and Distinguished Professor of Material Science & Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Paul Weiss, believes that the collaborative approach of nanoscience and nanotechnology has the potential to positively impact a number of other  areas of research and development.

This is certainly true for the field of microbiome research, wherein the work that the Paul Weiss Lab accomplished with the development of the BRAIN Initiative translated to the group’s ability to contribute to the National Microbiome Initiative.

Dr. Weiss and his team led the technological roadmap for this initiative by reaching out to scientists and engineers from around the world and bringing them together to focus on understanding how different species in the human microbiome (as well as ocean and soil microbiomes) interact with each other.

Dr. Weiss’ group has been working on a number of other projects as well, including the development of a functional, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory periodontal membrane that encourages bone regrowth and controls the rate of degradation. Press play for all the details of these topics and more, including:

  • What the BRAIN Initiative accomplished in the field of neural circuit research
  • How Dr. Weiss’ group is trying to address single gene mutation diseases like sickle cell and apply the same approach to cancer immunotherapy
  • In what ways the work being done by Dr. Weiss’ lab might enter the clinical world and improve patient lives
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