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If you were asked to guess the number one cause of weight loss resistance, would you guess that it’s neurotoxin exposure? And would you believe that 35 percent of diabetes is caused by neurotoxins? Probably not, and you wouldn’t be alone. On today’s episode, Dr. Daniel Pompa explains neurotoxin exposure, the ways in which a variety of neurotoxins affect us on a daily basis, the mechanism they play out in our bodies, and how low the awareness is—even among other physicians. He also discusses a personal journey that began with a severe, seemingly unfixable illness.

Today, that journey continues through an unending passion to teach and educate fellow doctors on the importance and relevance of neurotoxin exposure to some of the most common conditions and symptoms faced today, and how he proposes we deal with it. “Cells are designed to get rid of toxins; the problem is when we get exposed to these nasty neurotoxins, it shuts down all of the detox pathways in the cell, so you have to restore that, otherwise you’re never going to get your life back,” says Dr. Pompa. He explains exactly how to restore this, and shares inspirational stories of people who’ve reclaimed their lives through detoxification.

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