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Your feet are meant to feel the surfaces they come into contact with, and they are meant to bend and flex in response to the sensations felt; this is how the human body was designed, and how it should be allowed to function. Are modern athletic shoes heeding these needs? When coming up with the fanciest and most padded new design, are the major shoe companies taking into consideration the importance of the foot’s natural movement? There’s certainly no evidence to suggest so, and many argue that the products put out by these major companies are arguably contributing to a variety of health problems by limiting the foot’s mobility and weakening it over time.

After sustaining one injury after another while wearing modern athletic shoes, Steven Sashen received some advice from a cross-country runner: try a different type of shoe. It wasn’t long until Sashen realized that his injuries were caused by a form-related problem and that the culprit was the very shoes that claimed to help prevent them. Not long after, he founded his own footwear company that would adhere strictly to the belief that what’s natural is what’s right.

Xero Shoes has become increasingly popular, and Sashen joins the podcast today to discuss his products and why they work. Tune in for the full conversation and visit to get a pair of your own.

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