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In this interesting podcast, Ben Atkinson, podcaster and nutritionist (the Functional Health podcast
(, discusses holistic wellness and holistic health.

Ben’s podcast is a great resource, providing valuable information for clinicians, trainees, and the public, on health events, training, and more—essentially what’s happening all over the country in the health and wellness movement.

Ben shares his story, and how he first got excited about the power of nutrition. Ben recounts his memories of being an overweight child who discovered body building at the age of 16. He had mentors who shared knowledge on high protein diets that were low in carbs and fat. After experimenting with his diet, Ben saw swift results and he began to fully appreciate the power of nutrition.

He saw that nutrition was the key element to not only how one feels or how they look, but that it was also the key to illness prevention and health. 

Ben discusses modalities and the various separations within the medical field, which could certainly stand to be more synchronized in order to deliver the best options for good health. He explains how genes contribute to health outcomes, and he provides further info on the different people/cultures around the globe and their diets.

Going further, Ben discusses allergens, and how to eradicate or diminish them, and he provides tips on the ways we can fine tune our bodies, touching on topics of DNA testing, markers, and general health information.

Podcast Highlights:

  • DNA testing: what can it tell us?
  • The role of nutrition in the body
  • How genetics may provide valuable insight


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