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In this informative and important podcast, Louise Charles, the Communications Manager at Climeworks (, discusses Climeworks’ critical mission: CO2 removal from the atmosphere.

Louise provides an overview of the history of Climeworks and how it came to be. She discusses CO2 collectors, and how their systems perform CO2 removal. As climate change is being caused by the burning of fossil fuels that release vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the air, Climeworks is on a mission to help with CO2 removal from our atmosphere. The Climeworks Communications Manager discusses their mission in detail. The truth is, climate scenarios have shown that negative emissions are going to be necessary in order to manage the looming global warming crisis.

Louise talks about the many multiple uses for the collected CO2 and she details storage options and economic options as well, for countries who utilize their CO2 collection technology.

The technology advocate and Communications Manager discusses some of the upcoming, large-scale projects that will capture greater amounts of CO2, perhaps up to millions of tons, and how this volume of capture will impact the overall big picture so to speak. Ultimately, the world’s first commercial carbon removal technology will assist with the goal
of reaching for a negative emissions future.


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