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In this podcast, Cass Nelson-Dooley, M.S., CEO of Health First Consulting, LLC, talks about the microbiome and also the vast world of natural medicine.

Nelson-Dooley has been a principal player in important and innovative research into the pharmacology of medicinal plants at the University of Georgia, and is recognized for her extensive work at Metametrix Clinical Laboratory and Genova Diagnostics.

Nelson-Dooley talks about her keen interest in medicinal plants and natural medicine. She provides an overview of her work in Panama, studying the indigenous people and the various plants they used to combat their illnesses. She discusses her informative book, Heal Your Oral Microbiome: Balance and Repair your Mouth Microbes to Improve Gut Health, Reduce Inflammation and Fight Disease. Continuing, Nelson-Dooley details the nutrients that plants have within them that we can take advantage of for healing.

Nelson-Dooley provides her evolutionary perspective on how certain plants work to advance their lineage. She discusses the mechanisms that plants utilize to accomplish their goals for growth and survival. Nelson-Dooley talks about her work in diagnostic testing and she explains the intricate workings of the gut microbiome and the oral microbiome, detailing important issues the microbiome assists with, such as the creation of vitamins and inflammation management.

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