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In this podcast, Paula Baker-Laporte FAIA, EcoNest Architecture Inc. Healthy Home Design and Consulting, talks about the emerging and important field of healthy, green architecture, and the steps we can take to improve health in our environments.

Baker-Laporte was educated at the University of Toronto’s School of Architecture and The International Institute of Bau-Biologie and Ecology. She is a recognized leader in environmentally sound and health enhancing architecture.

Baker-Laporte provides an overview of ‘healthy’ architecture. She discusses the sensitivity she had to various chemicals for years that caused her to suffer through many terrible health problems. Because of her own personal experiences, she was motivated to learn more and she began to study how environments, specifically architectural ones, can sometimes negatively impact health.

Baker-Laporte talks about the problems homes can have within them, from various chemicals, to mold, to electromagnetic radiation. She discusses possible avenues for improvement of the living environments we utilize, from standalone filtration systems, to reorganizing where we sleep, to vacuuming and cleaning, etc.

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