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Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN, and author of You Can Fix Your Brain: Just 1 Hour a Week to the Best Memory, Productivity, and Sleep You’ve Ever Had, provides a scintillating overview of the mind to body connection and how we must sometimes question conventional medical wisdom in order to find real solutions.

Dr. O’Bryan has spent his life focused on promoting good health for everyone. He is an internationally recognized, celebrated keynote speaker who covers important topics such as food sensitivity, environmental toxins, the development of autoimmune diseases, and wellness. Dr. O’Bryan works with patients to understand their history and make changes that will improve health. His intriguing docuseries, Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They’re Not Telling You is an investigatory series that delves into why our immune systems attack our own tissue (autoimmunity). The successful, critically acclaimed series has garnered much attention and has been viewed by many people from all walks of life as individuals struggle to find answers in a complex medical world.

Dr. O’Bryan talks about his early medical education back in the 70s, and the influences on his life that pushed him toward his career goals. He discusses his first introduction into neurological switching and the ways that electromagnetic pollution can affect the brain and nervous system. He recounts his experiences with acupuncture, which he refers to as early AI, and what acupuncture points can reveal regarding overall health. He tells stories of specific patients who experienced remarkable discoveries that greatly impacted his medical path.

Dr. O’Bryan discusses the four categories of health that he describes as a pyramid of health. He describes the pyramid’s base, which is comprised of the basic structure such as chiropractic, pillows, massage, how we sit, how our shoes wear down, etc. He discusses the other sides, such as biochemistry, which is essentially what we eat, what we breathe, the drugs we take, etc.; the emotional/spiritual; and the electromagnetic. Dr. O’Bryan states that every medical problem needs to be looked at through all these lenses, to fully understand it, and to solve it. Interestingly, he says that difficult-to-solve medical problems are often connected to the emotional or spiritual realm. He cites specific examples of patients who have done their best to take actions to get healthy, but sometimes the emergency brake, as he describes it, is on, meaning underlying electromagnetic pollution or emotional issues could be blocking the path to good health.

The mind to body connection expert discusses paradigm shifts. He states that while the United States is annually, without fail, ranked either number one or two in the world for leading health technology, that the US is also ranked in the bottom five out of 58 industrialized countries in healthcare effectiveness. Thus, as he states, our healthcare system doesn’t work. He stresses the importance of challenging the prevailing dogma, to question the things we were taught to believe about healthcare. With a prepared mind, and tenacity, Dr. O’Bryan states that we can all challenge the conventional wisdom and find new avenues to improve our health. Dr. O’Bryan’s book, You Can Fix Your Brain: Just 1 Hour a Week to the Best Memory, Productivity, and Sleep You’ve Ever Had speaks to this very issue. To those who are concerned about any type of brain ailment or issue, ranging from chronic conditions to the more common, brain fog, or perhaps brain fatigue, the book outlines a path to combating specific issues through prevention as well as treatment. Regardless of the brain issues one is dealing with, for most issues, Dr. O’Bryan’s book provides a plan that can make a difference in brain clarity, vitality, and energy. The methods provide a process to improve memory, decrease fogginess and exhaustion, etc. It’s an overall guide to improving cognitive function that helps the reader to consider what they eat, what’s in the environment, and how to take better care of themselves, and it only requires about one hour a week to begin seeing improvements that could be drastic after six months of regular work.

Dr. O’Bryan recounts his connection with celebrity actor and comedian, Fran Drescher, author of Cancer Schmancer. He discusses her work and commitment to the cause of helping people find a path to better health and how it overlaps with his own personal work in the field. He states that they both agree that in regard to health problems, you must always consider the big picture in order to find your way to a solution. Dr. O’Bryan states that once you identify which side of the ‘pyramid’ you need to explore in order to address your health issue, then you determine which biomarkers you need to check, to find out where your imbalances may be. And he stresses the importance of taking whatever drugs you need for your current issue, but that it is critically important to also dig deeper into how you got there, to find the underlying issue or issues. We must discover what happened, what created the dysfunction originally, to get to the source of the problem.

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