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In this important podcast, Trisha Pritikin, attorney, radiation exposure survivor, and anti-radiation activist, discusses her personal health problems, their causes, and her passion for educating the public about radiation exposure.

Pritikin spent her formative years in Richland, Washington, just a few short miles from the Hanford Site, a decommissioned nuclear production complex in Washington state. While the family did move away at some point, at the age of 18 she began to experience grave health problems that she surmised must have been caused by her early exposure to radioactive iodine and various toxic radionuclides from the Hanford Site.

Pritikin reveals her riveting personal story and explains why she is passionate about education. Pritikin recounts that the Hanford Site was involved in the US government’s plutonium production—in the early years. She outlines the process they used to manufacture the plutonium, and how toxins were released into the air and water because of it.

Over time, Pritikin’s health deteriorated because of an undiagnosed autoimmune thyroid disorder—Hashimoto’s disease, and various related health problems.

Pritikin discusses the harm that came to residents of the area as they were exposed to radiation, some for years, and how the public wasn’t informed. Pritikin outlines the kinds of cancers that area citizens experienced and the connection. Pritikin talks about her work to educate the public on dangerous radiation, and how it took 24 years of litigation to bring settlements to some injured plaintiffs.

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