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As a practicing orthodontist of almost five decades, Dr. William M. Hang has learned a lot over time, which is evidenced by the fact that his approach to orthodontics has completely transformed since the beginning of his career. Conventional orthodontics taught him to focus on the straightening of the teeth and nothing more, but his experience with actual patients taught him that something was being overlooked in this approach, and it was causing problems. In the early 80s, he began realizing the effect of tooth extraction on facial form and hearing an increasing number of patients complain of neck pain, head pain, problems breathing at night, and low-quality sleep after undergoing extraction procedures. At that point, Dr. Hang decided to travel the world with the goal of finding an alternative approach to orthodontics. In 1989, he started reopening extraction spaces for people who had extraction procedures, and thereby improving facial balance and eliminating headaches, neck pain, and sleep issues related to dental health and facial structure.

On today’s episode, he explains his approach to orthodontics and the services offered by his practice, Face Focused, sleep apnea in children and how preventative action can help, how our lifestyles have caused the facial changes that are creating problems, the usefulness of myofunctional therapy, the importance of focusing on proper facial growth in young children, facial features that have become increasingly common and problematic, and so much more.

Tune in, and visit to learn more.

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