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When compared to the standard of care, an approach in gastroenterology called video capsule endoscopy was shown to be three times better at detecting active bleeding in the gastrointestinal tracts (GI) of patients, which will allow for site-directed therapeutic endoscopy. Dr. David Cave, gastroenterologist, and professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School explains how this technology has and will continue to transform the way we make diagnoses and deliver treatment in gastroenterology. For almost two years after the introduction of the first FDA-approved device, Dr. Cave was the first and only doctor in the U.S. to use video capsule endoscopy, and he has never lost interest in its development and capabilities.

On today’s episode, he explains the ins and outs of the way this technology works, what we’ve learned as a result of its implementation, how it improves patient experiences, the type of data this technology has allowed us to gather, the possibility of using artificial intelligence to interpret the images taken by the device, the development of a magnetically controlled capsule, and so much more.

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