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Chris Beaufait, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Sarcos Robotics, discusses robotics and its implications for human health and safety.

Beaufait’s company, Sarcos, is pushing robotics technology forward by merging human intelligence, judgment and instinct, robotic strength, as well as incredible endurance and exacting precision to improve and accelerate employee performance.

And of course, Sarcos’s innovation helps to keep human employees safe, allowing robotics technologies to take the physical risk, which significantly reduces occupational injuries. And with work-related back injuries on the rise in past years, expected to exceed $100 billion annually, clearly the innovation is needed. Beaufait talks about some of the company’s exciting developments.

Sarcos is leading the way in job safety tech innovation and helping to reduce work-related occupational death and injury, and increasing overall company efficiency as well. And Beaufait is excited about the many ways that Sarcos is improving work safety for everyone.

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