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In this informative podcast, Clay Guillory and Maddie Guillory, the CEO and CMO respectively of Titan Robotics, discuss their company and its mission to revolutionize 3D printing and rapid prototyping.

The tech entrepreneurs discuss Titan Robotics and its place in the market as a designer and manufacturer of large-scale, advanced 3D printing technology. As they state, they excel in custom 3D printer machine design, the innovative rapid prototyping industry, and bionics/prosthetics. While Titan’s approach is different, they still utilize the same principles used in industrial CNC machinery when fabricating 3D printers. Their sophisticated process uses highest quality CNC components as well as precision-machined steel, and their ultimate goal is to deliver solutions into all areas of differing industries. The CEO and CMO discuss their hopes for the future of this exciting new technology and the strides Titan Robotics is taking to keep pace with changing technology.

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