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In this informative podcast, Teresa Rebelo Pinto of CENC, Center of Sleep Medicine, Portugal, discusses sleep, psychology, and her efforts to educate the public on the subject of sleep.

Teresa Rebelo Pinto discusses her background in sleep science. Through her work at the CENC, Lisbon Sleep Medicine Center as a psychologist and somnologist, Teresa is intimately involved with the center’s mission to help people understand sleep, and find ways of improving it in order to lead healthier lives. Teresa works with the Sleep-Schools Project that provides sleep education to thousands of people nationally.

Teresa Rebelo Pinto provides information on sleep patterns, and she explains how they change as people age. She discusses how getting enough sleep can be challenging for adolescents who tend to have a later sleep schedule than children or adults but are still expected to function in an early morning school schedule.

The sleep expert talks in depth about various sleep problems and issues children deal with, such as fear of going to sleep, night terrors, behavioral insomnia (which is when children refuse to go to sleep), sleep apnea, and sleepwalking. She discusses her public outreach efforts and the positive feedback they receive from the people they have educated on sleep issues. And she delves into a discussion on sleep patterns, and also dreaming, which she states is an opportunity for us to explore different realities and solve various problems.

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