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In this fascinating podcast, Sean Buchanan, the co-founder of Visom Technology, Inc. (, discusses AR + AI software-enabled technology that can assist surgeons as they operate.

Visom’s mission is to bring AR + AI software together to greatly enhance how surgeons can plan surgeries, see, and operate. By utilizing valuable images placed over their patients, which puts critical information the surgeons need within an easily accessible view, surgeons can operate more efficiently, with greater attention to detail.

Buchanan discusses Augmented Reality (AR) and he talks about Visom’s technology that may play a vital role in decreasing surgical errors, which can cost precious lives and also billions of dollars. Buchanan explains the Visom system and how it works. As he explains, by transitioning imagery to 3D, pre-surgical planning can be greatly enhanced, as 3D holograms give surgeons the ability to really ‘walk through’ the surgery well before it begins.

The technologist discusses critical partnerships they have secured that will help Visom to expand use of their innovative surgical-assistance technology. And he expounds upon the types of medical and training institutions that see the Visom tech as a brilliant way to provide training for the healthcare industry.

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