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In this podcast, Gene Monterastelli, founder of Tapping Q&A ( and creator of the audiobook, Recovering Self: A Healing Manifesto, talks about how tapping techniques can be used to help people improve their lives and defeat problems.

Monterastelli was educated at the prestigious Catholic University of America. After graduation, it was his struggle with social anxiety that motivated him to find a solution. He recounts some traumatic experiences he had when his social anxiety was reaching its pinnacle. It had become so debilitating that he had trouble with basic communication at times. But tapping was the therapeutic technique that allowed Monterastelli to go from being socially paralyzed to later, confidently, speaking to audiences as large as 8,000 people—a remarkable turnaround.

Through the years he has pursued his interest in various methods that can help people combat daily problems. He is interested in many pathways to wellness such as hypnotism, NLP, guided imagery, and meridian-based tapping including EFT.

Monterastelli discusses how early pioneers such as tapping therapy founder, Dr. Roger Callahan and EFT Tapping Therapy guru, Gary Craig​, ​simplified and synthesized the techniques taken from acupuncture into their most basic form as a means to manage pain, battle depression, anxiety, phobias and so much more. He talks about the tools that anyone can utilize, and how tapping works to manage physical pain and emotion, anxiety and stress, limiting beliefs, learning disabilities, and more.

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