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Cecelia Doucette, technical and professional writer turned public health safety advocate and expert, discusses her important work creating awareness about the potential dangers of environmental toxins. Doucette is the Technology Safety Educator, Education Services Director at Wireless Education.

Doucette’s expertise with technology via her vast experience as a technical writer was the foundation for her current mission—to educate the public and impact policy change. In this podcast Doucette discusses EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and how they could affect our health. She talks about EMFs in the context of wireless technology and how digital technology has layered many more electromagnetic fields into our environment.

Doucette states that these EMFs are impacting our bodies on the cellular level. Doucette talks about her work with schools. She was instrumental in many policy changes, such as when Ashland Public Schools in Massachusetts became the very first in the whole nation to develop and put into place, Best Practices for Mobile Devices.

Doucette goes into detail about the various ways EMFs can affect health. She discusses other work she was involved with after she became aware that there was reason for concern over these issues. And she worked directly on the development of public health fact sheets with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

The environmental health and technology guru provides much information on the ways we can help to avoid potential threats. She outlines methods and work-around solutions, such as hardwiring cellphones to access the internet. Doucette discusses the methods she used to actually hardwire her entire house for her family’s health safety. Additionally, she discusses antennas and satellites and what the public needs to know about safety.

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