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Dr. Cate Shanahan is a physician and biochemist who has studied diets around the world to find trends in the cuisines of the healthiest and longest living people.  From her studies have emerged four “pillars” common to every cuisine before globalization and industrialization changed the way we eat:

-Fresh food that we eat as is, such as fruit, raw vegetables, raw milk (not pasteurized or homogenized), and uncooked fish

-Fermented and sprouted foods, such as yogurt and sprouted grains and beans

-Meat on the bone

-Organs, not just muscle meat

Listen in to hear as Dr. Cate explains why the meats we typically have available to us are subpar (our pets often eat better than us!) and why it is best to raise meat yourself or get it from a local farmer.  She also suggests the option of avoiding meat altogether and eating lots of herbs and spices, which can be considered the superfoods of the vegetable world, provided you can ensure that they are not grown in toxin-contaminated soils. She also shares practical tips and reveals the underrecognized toxin that puts the junk in junk food.

Learn more at, and check out her book, Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food.

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