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Kurt Schmidinger is a food guy. Simply put, he eats and breathes food and the science behind it. As the innovative founder of Future Food, a groundbreaking, successful internet-based initiative, Kurt has a keen interest in healthy foods that are good for the planet. In this podcast, Schmidinger talks about all the foods we consume and the future of diets.

As Schmidinger explains, Future Food’s mission is to spread the word to the world about the volume of great alternatives to animal products. Schmidinger is a strong supporter of the ongoing development of in vitro meat, commonly referred to as clean meat. With a strong background in food science and an intense interest in environmental conservation, Schmidinger set out to do more to push the cause forward.

Schmidinger talks about meat as a significant contributor to the desolation of rainforests, and pollution, water waste, and of course climate change. It’s a global problem and one that Schmidinger hopes to find solutions for, and spread the word on the many positive changes that are happening now in the sustainable food industry. He talks about plant-based diets and elaborates on alternative food choices.

Schmidinger reports on the state of the alternative proteins industry. He explains how harvested animal cells can be utilized for the development of consumer meats, and the pricing issues that are a key factor in the rollout of these alternative proteins. He talks about the various benefits to human health that sustainable alternative foods can provide as clean meat can be designed to be exceptionally low in cholesterol and saturated fats, while achieving a high level of omega-3 fatty acids.

Schmidinger states that the success of a product is ultimately up to price and taste, as well as texture. For as costs come down, the bottom line for consumers will be, as it always is with food—taste.

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